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Architectural Designer and artist Richard Smart has over
30 years experience in the construction and related
industry’s. During this time he has worked in Africa,
Europe, the United States and the Pacific.
Richard was fortunate to be involved in a number of
building and other environmentally considerate projects
with Friedrick Hundertwasser including Hundertwasser’s
own dwellings near Kawakawa and was the consultant to
the Far North District Council for Hundertwasser in the
construction of the internationally recognized
Hundertwasser Public Toilets, Kawakawa, New Zealand.
Richard continues to represent the Hundertwasser
Foundation’s interests in New Zealand.
When designing homes, Richard is committed to
producing creative results that reflect the owners
financial, aesthetic and environmental expectations.
Richards interest and involvement in Art and Design
began at an early age and was encouraged during his
Steiner education. He believes his years of practical
experience in a variety of creative fields have enhanced
his ability to apply achievable solutions to real life
Appropriate Building Design Ltd has experience in all
standard building methods (standard timber frame,
masonary etc) and provides specialist design expertise
in the following areas:
Straw Bale
Post and Beam
Rammed Earth
Mud Brick (adobe)
Cordwood (stackwall)
Gum poles
Timber Frame (half timbered and standard stick
Soft plasters
Earth Roof Gardens
Earth Bermed and in Ground Construction
Architectural Sculpture
3D Representation
Scale Models