The road travelled
Richard Smart was born in Johannesburg, South Africa
in 1960. At the age of three his family moved to the
costal city of Cape Town where he spent the next
twenty one years.
During this time he was educated at the Steiner
Waldorf School after which he joined his father in the
building and construction manufacturing industry,
specializing in new products development and mould
making. This was disrupted by having to spend two
years in the then compulsory national military service.
Disenchanted with the political and social instability and injustices caused by the
Apartheid Regime, Richard left the country determined to seek out a new place to call
‘home’. Traveling by yacht, air, bus and car he arrived in California via Brazil in 1984.
Here he worked as a house painter, faux painter, carpenter and boat builder whilst
building his own vessel on board which he, his partner and three year old daughter
would, in 1991 sail across the Pacific to the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.
Shortly after arriving in New Zealand Richard learned that the world renowned artist
Friedrick Hundertwasser (Friedensreich Hundertwasser) was living in the Bay of
Islands and was fortunate to have the opportunity to become involved in building for
Hundertwasser on his remote property.
This was the beginning of an eight year relationship ending sadly when Hundertwasser
died during his return to Europe on board the QE II off the coast of Australia. Further
information about Hundertwasser can be found at
The eight years spent under Hundertwasser has had a lasting and influential effect on
Richards own work and architectural projects.
“When one agrees strongly with the philosophies and theories of a great man that you
have the privilege of working under it is easy to fall into the dangerous trap of imitation.
The line between influence and
imitation is an exceedingly thin one.”
Richard Smart’s work includes
painting, drawing, sculpture in various
mediums and architecture. He tends
to mix media in much of his work
His paintings use egg tempera,
acrylic, oil, inks and metallic materials.
Supports are paper, and paper on
linen with half chalk grounds.
Drawings are predominantly graphite
on paper, sometimes including paints
or colour pencil.
Sculptures include Steel, ceramic,
masonry and bronze.
Architectural projects are residential,
commercial and public. Richard
specializes in ecologically considerate
construction and attempts to
incorporate natural materials where
possible. For more information
regarding Richard's architectural
design please click here
Richard Smart is resident in the Bay
of Islands and carries out architectural
projects  throughout New Zealand.
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“it is as much about how you
got there as where you went”
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